About Us

Solving tomorrow today.

The ability of leading organisations to attract and acquire talent has dramatically increased in complexity in recent times with the impact of data and technology, access to global talent markets, new ways of working, the growing importance of digital and social media and, of course, the after effects of a global pandemic.

Who we are

This rapidly shifting global landscape has only heightened the need to drive competitive advantage through unlocking talent intelligence and insights to power decision making. We created TalentCraft to solve these talent challenges. We combine significant investment into world class research with methodologies that ensure the most accurate and complete data is assessed and brought to life by experienced talent professionals in order to power strategic talent decisions for leading global organisations. 

Make your future now.

What we do

Our product solutions and partnership model have been designed to reflect the challenges of the “current times” and to deliver you the best possible outcomes along with the experience that aligns to your needs and wants as well as that of the talent community. We have created a business that achieves this at the same time reduces costs and improves delivery times.

Our Team

David Bamford
Founder & MD

As an Olympian, a qualified Chartered Accountant and a father of two wonderfully energetic (and challenging) young boys, David knows the benefits of combining hard work, discipline and passion into his pursuits.

In addition to providing exceptional care, support and advice to his client and candidate communities, David’s focus on innovation and progression within talent services has helped TalentCraft develop a range of unique solutions and highly successful client partnerships with some of Australia’s most well regarded companies.

Sacha Faulkner
Co Founder & Director

A self-confessed extrovert who is passionate about connecting people and businesses with the right opportunities. Sacha has a contemporary approach around talent solutions and a strong belief that businesses require an evolving mindset around research and delivery methodologies to keep up with an external environment that is dynamic and shifting constantly.

Sacha has over 20 years’ experience working within the Technology, Data, Digital and Executive Search industry for some of Australia’s most reputable Consulting Businesses. She has an intuitive and curious approach to her craft and committed to delivering relevant and future focused solutions.

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