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We combine a significant investment into world class research with methodologies that ensure the most accurate and complete data.

The ability of leading organisations to attract and acquire talent has dramatically increased in complexity in recent times with the impact of data and technology, access to global talent markets, new ways of working, the growing importance of digital and social media and, of course, a global pandemic.

TalentCraft’s Solutions

This rapidly shifting global landscape has only heightened the need to drive competitive advantage through unlocking talent intelligence and insights to power decision making. We created TalentCraft to solve these talent challenges. We combine a significant investment into world class research with methodologies that ensure the most accurate and complete data is assessed and brought to life by experienced talent professionals in order to power strategic talent decisions for leading global organisations.

Global Talent Tracking

Delivers perpetual talent awareness through the development of pipelines and talent communities of top global talent – with a focus on rare skills sets, diversity and expat talent to power talent-led business decision making.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Leverages our unique methodology to comprehensively identify, qualify and appoint worlds best talent to drive competitive advantage.

Succession Intelligence

Effectively answers the question – “do we have the best talent in critical roles” through the development of fully qualified external succession pools which can intern be leveraged for planned, unplanned or opportunistic talent requirements along with risk mitigation.

Talent Pipelining

Gives you total visibility over the critical and/or rare skill sets that your organisation needs to thrive. Our advanced research techniques and deep talent engagement strategies allow us to forensically assess the market (domestic or global) to help you understand where your desired talent exists, whether that talent can be mobilised and what it would take to attract them to your organisation.

Talent Investigation

Enables a better understanding of your target organisations key talent capability engagement and departure risk prior to major investment/acquisition decisions.

Talent Advisory

Partners with you to create bespoke projects that will deliver any data, insights or intelligence you need to solve key talent challenges and power high value decision making.

All of our solutions are customisable to ensure they solve your challenges in the way you want them to.

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We transform the way you think about people. Your people are a critical success factor for any business.

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